Yes, That’s What They Call Me, Nobody

Debut Novel By – Dhananjay Singh


In Horonces anarchy is at its zenith, For the last fifteen years, the Mayor and superintendent of police are ruling the city with the help of Drug mafia, Carlo. But situations take a new turn when a masked man beats few of Carlo’s men and stamps ‘Nobody’ on their forehead in the very first night.

On the second night ‘Nobody’ blows out the famous school of city with few men of Carlo. When the young Lady Inspector Amara, is assigned to investigate the case she finds information about a scandal which took place in the past in which the possible accused could have been the Mayor, the superintendent of police and some top politicians.

But is there any connection between this scandal and current series of incidents? As ‘Nobody’ continues killing people every night, the web of mysteries become more and more entangled, Will this serial killer be identified? Yes,That’S What They Call Me, Nobody is an altogether superb fast page-turner and a refreshingly unputdownable read


Few Reviews From Readers

“An awesome read .. Definitely a different flavor and really interesting one .. I was bored reading the same kind of love/romantic novels lately and was definitely expecting a change .. And thanks to the author himself who recommended me the book and this book got me addicted to itself so much that I never wanted it to end. The character of NOBODY was priceless .. it was like the action heroes we goto a theater and watch like Spiderman, Superman, Ironman etc etc. NOBODY is another action hero an amazing hero and truly a wonderful character especially his way of telling a story before his every kill 🙂 Definitely a must read for every person. Great job by the author. Your each and every word written in the book touched my heart 🙂 Keep going !!”

Manisha Ojha

“awesome book with awesome story and unique cover. I will love to read sequel”

Neha Sharma

“Purchased it a few days back , and completed in few sittings only. The prose style is at once cerebral and deeply felt.

The descriptions of the characters during the time period came alive for me.
Definitely one of the best books I’ve read in a while!

kudos to writer for such a master piece.”

Rahul Singh

“The story was fantastic from beginning to end.It’s full of suspense and heartwarming scenes.Really breathtaking.
The descriptions of the characters during the time period came alive for me.
Definitely one of the best books I’ve read in a while!
I am not afraid to admit that I cried throughout many moments of this wonderful story.It’s the most powerful book I have read by far.The novel is so powerful that it actually feels like you are there.
Truly a thought-provoking novel one will not put down until its last page.Good plot, good characters, good settings and good pace.
This book was very well written and I would heartily recommend it to every person looking for a good read.

Hats off to the Author for writing such an excellent novel.!!!!!!!!!!
I wish the author best of luck and will definitely check out his next book.”

Parampreet Kaur

“A fast-moving thriller, great Plot, along with violence, rage and awesome story. I personally like thrillers but never find any novel as tempting as this one is.

While the numerous narrative shifts require a fully engaged reader, the complex and morally twisted plot rewards with one unexpected punch after another.”

best of luck to writer for his carrier and thanks for bringing great writing to us.

Poonam Singh

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